Wellington, New Zealand
Claire +64 027 558 5641 Gabe +64 027 617 8701

Working with us

How we work

We work with an account management model.

For each piece of work you will have one key contact, however both Claire and Gabrielle will work on the delivery.

Typically, your account manager will take a lead role on the piece of work and will be supported by the other Capability Partner.

Our values

As we’ve worked together on and off for the last 20 years, we’ve realised we hold similar values close to our heart.  We don’t believe in interventions for the sake of it – we want to provide meaningful solutions that make a difference.

We’re part of the team.

We love to get in and really get to know a business. This is such a strength of ours we have many repeat clients who know we care about their business and can just slot back in!

We partner with you.

We’ll engage with you using a partnership approach. We implement organisational development methodologies with you, not to you. We care about your business too!

We make it easy.

We do everything we can to make life easier for you. Whether it is writing SLT/Board papers, drafting comms or project updates at the frequency you require, our job is to make it easy for you.

We’re practical.

We don’t believe in frameworks, templates and policies for the sake of it – it’s all about putting elements in place that are genuinely useful for those who’ll end up using them. Part of our critical discovery process is engaging with those who will be actually using what we design to really understand their needs and perspective.

We get stuff done.

This is our secret (or not so secret) strength!  We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, and if there is useful content already in place then we’ll use it.

Our practical approach means we can assess what’s required, scope how much work it involves and then provide milestones for you to track our delivery. After this, we work with you and your team to get in and get it done!