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Team development


We are accredited in Team Management Solutions (TMS) and use the Team Management profiler to build understanding across teams of the different working styles used to create high-performing teams. We run workshops as well as individual coaching sessions.

Some of our previous work includes…

Team Management Profiling

Small Private Organisation

We were approached by a professional services organisation who were looking to develop their people and build a high performing team. We started with Team Management Profiling to help individuals be aware of their own working styles and that of their team.

This was followed by a workshop with all staff, then targeted individual coaching.

We also conduct individual coaching on Team Management profiles for all new people who join the organisation.

Team Management Profiling

Small business

We’ve worked with a team of ‘tradies’ who were looking to understand each other’s working styles and develop a strong team culture. We’ve carried out Team Management Profiling for all staff, facilitated a workshop and followed up with individual coaching for the leaders.

We’ve also supported the Managing Director to deliver targeted workshops on business challenges, using team members from specific segments of the TMI wheel to utilise their strengths.

Team Management Profiling

Small business

We facilitated a workshop and worked with the newly formed senior leadership team to help them understand each other’s working style. This helped ensure they were able to communicate effectively together.

Team Management Profiling

Utility provider

A Utility provider who we have worked with previously asked us to come and work with two different teams to help improve communication and teamwork.

We did this using the Team Management profiling tools.

This involved two separate workshops, where individuals received their own profile, and then looked at the working styles of their team. This was followed by targeted individual coaching.

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