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Procurement work


We manage procurement projects and working groups, write RFPs, provide papers to executive teams, coordinate vendor presentations and facilitate selection processes.

Some of our previous includes…

Sourcing of a Learning Management System (LMS) provider

Sports organisation

We’ve worked with a sports organisation to help them define their requirements and source an LMS provider.

We carried out stakeholder interviews to understand current and future needs, documented requirements, pre-qualified providers and arranged and attended presentations.

We supported this organisation through the selection process of a provider, and are currently looking at how we can support them through their implementation.

Leadership Programme – Procurement

Utility provider

We’ve worked with a large utility provider to help them source a partner to work with them on developing and delivering their enterprise wide leadership programme.

Building on the work already done in the organisation, we pulled together papers to present to the internal working group, RFP documents for approval and managed a closed tender process.

We also supported this organisation by developing a certification framework for leaders, which is designed to support leaders take ownership of maintaining their own learning.

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