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Organisational Development Strategies and Policies


We partner with organisations to co-design and develop people strategies and policies. Whether it’s an approach for diversity and inclusion, performance management frameworks or anything in between, we put people at the heart of our designs.

Some of our previous work includes…

Diversity and Inclusion strategy and implementation plan

Crown-Owned Entity

We worked with a Crown-Owned Entity to develop a Diversity and Inclusion strategy, as well as a series of recommended initiatives they could implement over a three-year period.

Our approach was to conduct a detailed discovery process through multiple workshops and individual interviews. This helped us gain insights into the current state, identify the desired future state and requirements, and understand the organisational culture.

Following on from this discovery phase, we provided a current state report, and aspirational objectives designed to underpin all future initiatives. These were signed off at Executive level.

We then collaborated with the internal D&I working group, identifying the key initiatives that needed to be implemented immediately. This fed into the development of a D&I strategy and three- year plan.

Performance Framework Review

Non-governmental Organisation (NGO)

We carried out a review of a performance framework for a small organisation looking for a more contemporary practice.

We carried out interviews with the senior leadership team and ran workshops for staff to gain their input into the design. Their perspective was tested against local and international research and assessed for viability for their organisation.

Once design principles were agreed, we moved into design of the framework and development of a policy and toolkit to support the new framework.

Talent management strategy, integrated with a review of the performance framework

Small government agency

We worked with a small Government Agency to deliver a revised approach to talent management and a review of the current performance framework.

We carried out a detailed discovery phase by conducting interviews with the Executive team, senior leaders and frontline staff.

Based on these interviews, we developed design principles and recommended an integrated approach which we presented to the Executive team for approval.

To support this, we also developed new policies, templates and user guides

Performance Framework

Private organisation

We worked with a small engineering firm who were looking for a simple and practical approach to performance management. We helped them redesign their current system, documented policies, processes and templates and trained the managers on the new way of working.

Performance Framework Review

Government Agency

We completed a review of a performance framework for the leaders and specialists in a large government agency. We conducted stakeholder interviews, developed design principles and a revised framework for presentation to senior leaders.

Following this we tested the design with staff, then moved into policy, template and toolkit design.

HR Intranet content updates

Government Agency

A large government agency provides a self-service HR model to the business, however managers were struggling to find the content they needed to support them on the intranet. This project had a focus on the simplification of HR content.

We have written nine sections that follow the employee lifecycle for their managers to access, using their existing material as our base content.

Learning Strategy

Private organisation

We’ve been working with a private organisation in the healthcare sector on developing their learning strategy for this newly formed organisation.

This has involved a discovery phase, workshops with key stakeholders, the identification and development of organisational learning principal’s and documenting the strategy.

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